SPIRIT: Sustainable and Circular Business Strategy

We have launched the Supporting Start-ups, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Strategic Sustainable and Circular Business Transformation 2022-2025 project (abbreviated as JR STKTP NOO 2022-2025). 

Modularis Drive specialises in the manufacture and development of multi-purpose and modular attachments for machines used in construction, agriculture and forestry. Our main innovation is the development of the first modular multi-purpose tool, based on the principle of bionics and designed to mimic the human hand for the most reliable and optimal grip. This unique approach not only increases the versatility of the machines, but also enhances their efficiency and flexibility in different working environments. Our patented design relies heavily on sustainable practices due to closed grapple housings preventing oil leakage and reduced grapple weight contirbuting to higher fuel efficiency. 


The Sustainable and Circular Transformation project involves a holistic approach to responsible business practices. 

Our key objectives are: 

– Sustainable and circular business strategy 

– Portfolio of project ideas 

– Refined project pipeline & business model 

– Workshops and consultancy by the Agency 


Amount of co-financing: € 15 262,20.

Total budget of the programme: € 15.262,20. 

The investment is part of the actions of the Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP), which is funded by the EU Recovery and Resilience Mechanism. The investment is funded by the European Union – NextGeneration EU.