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Discover Modularis Drive: Where Bionics-inspired innovation transforms construction, agriculture, and forestry machinery. Merging nature’s wisdom with cutting-edge technology, we offer tools that embody simplicity, reliability, and efficiency. We proudly hold an EU patent, model protection, and a registered trademark, making us a global novelty in innovation.

Experience the future of sustainable machinery with Modularis Drive — where nature’s genius meets modern technology.


One Base, 100+ Functions: Transform your approach with just a simple swap. This innovative system is built around a durable base drive, specifically designed for quick and secure attachment swaps. It offers an impressive range of over 100 different functions through a simple change of jaws. Such versatility transforms it into an invaluable asset, facilitating a seamless transition across diverse tasks.


– The Modularis System is engineered for user-friendly operation, allowing for effortless attachment changes. This significantly reduces downtime and, in turn, boosts productivity.
Experience the future of versatile and efficient task management with the Modularis Modular System.


Change the arms all by yourself in just a few minutes.


Extend the grapple opening with the help of your machine to around 50% of its maximum width.


Head to the grapple and loosen the four bolts securing the arm in its position.


Return to the machine cabin and fully extend the arm, leading to the detachment of both arms.


Using your excavator’s control system, maneuver the base drive above the arms, secure them in position, and then finalize the attachment by securing them with bolts.


​Asynchronous movement is a distinctive feature within our solutions with which we ensure simpler manipulation of objects. With the help of it:

  • The arms adapt to the shape of the load before the maximum gripping force is established.
  • Keeps the load more securely in place and avoids unnecessary drops, making it a reliable choice.
  • Improves the simplicity of controlling the grapple and makes operation more user-friendly.
  • Reduces overall strain on heavy machinery and ensures a smoother handling experience without excessive physical stress directly to the machine.


Every Modularis base drive features an enclosed housing system, meticulously designed to eliminate hydraulic oil leakage into the environment. This innovative approach not only ensures environmental sustainability but also holds the potential to slash oil consumption by an impressive 50%. Additionally, our products boast enhanced maneuverability, reduced self-weight, and intelligent adaptation, collectively contributing to substantial fuel savings ranging from 15% to 25%.

German efficiency. Austrian quality. Finnish sophistication.


Think rationally, choose Modularis Drive.

  • Built from premium steels and with precise craftsmanship, Modularis’ products withstand the test of time. Our commitment to longevity is backed by a 3-year warranty on every Modular Attachment, showcasing our confidence in the quality of our build.
  • Our unique modular design not only adapts seamlessly to your evolving needs, but also makes subsequent purchases much more cost-effective, providing you with a wide and versatile range without breaking the bank.
  • You can count on our dedicated staff for comprehensive assistance. Whether it’s technical details or clarifying uncertainties, our team is here to provide strong support after the purchase.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Modularis Drive solutions are designed to maximise the efficiency of your machines by optimising performance based on the specific needs of the project. The flexibility of the attachments ensures that you get a tool that perfectly fits the geometry and size of your machine.
The special feature is the concept of modular attachments, where you can obtain more than 100 tool functions with one base drive and easy change of arms.
All tools are weight-adjusted, which helps to reduce fuel consumption by up to 30% and puts a significant strain on your machines, resulting in faster work.

Modularis Drive tools are designed to be versatile, with an emphasis on universal mounting options. However, compatibility depends on the specifications of your machine and your preferences.
As each tool can be tailored to your specific requirements to the maximum extent possible, we recommend that you consult our staff who can answer specific compatibility questions based on the model and operational requirements of your machine.

Modularis Drive solutions are characterised by a high degree of flexibility, versatility, robust construction, reliable and efficient operation and sustainability. Our tools are not only tailored to the specific dimensions and requirements of your project, but are also made from durable, wear-resistant materials (such as Hardox) that ensure a long service life even under demanding conditions. The unique systems and patented features of Modularis Drive tools, such as A-synchronous gripping and cross-mixing, set them apart by ensuring efficiency and reliability unmatched by other tools on the market. In addition, our modular tools are upgradeable, so you can achieve more than 100 functions with only one base drive.

When you buy a Modularis Drive modular tool, there are several upgrade options available, depending on the type of tool and the capacity of your machine. Our solutions with base drive and easy change of gripping arms offer a total of more than 100 additional functions. Your machine can be adapted in just a few minutes and is up to any task in forestry, agriculture or construction.

Modularis Drive tools are specifically designed for construction, forestry, agriculture, waste management and recycling. Our tools are specialized for tasks even in the most difficult conditions. Outstanding design, mode of operation and high-quality materials ensure a long service life in all conditions.

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