Loader High Dump Bucket

The Modularis Loader High Dump Bucket is suitable for a wide range of wheel loaders from 5 to 25t. It is an indispensable attachment for loaders designed for improved high dumping performance, ideal for industries such as agriculture, construction and waste management. This versatile attachment is crucial for situations that require high dumping heights, enabling the efficient transfer of materials like compost, wood chips, or coal directly into trucks or over tall barriers.

Equipped with robust hydraulic cylinders to improve lifting power and ensure smooth operation, the bucket also features side-connected cylinders tailored to optimize dumping efficiency for various materials. Additionally, it comes with a comprehensive 3-year warranty, providing extra assurance and support.

Enhance Efficiency with Custom High Dump Buckets

Our main focus when designing our products is to improve the efficiency and usability of your machine. That's why the Modularis Loader High Dump Bucket is designed for maximum efficiency and increased work speed. We therefore tailor each bucket to your machine and work requirements, adjusting the weight or size to optimise fuel consumption and your efficiency.

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