Skeleton Bucket

Improve excavation efficiency with a Modularis Skeleton Bucket, expertly tailored to the specific requirements of your machine and site. The Modularis Skeleton Bucket is designed to effectively sift out rocks, brush, and other large debris, ensuring that your backfill remains precisely where it should be, optimizing site preparation and cleanup tasks. Made from Hardox 450/500 steel in the wear parts, the Modularis skeleton bucket provides increased durability and long service life, ideal for long periods of intensive use.

Our commitment to the Modularis HQ (High Quality) standard ensures that each bucket is robust enough for the harshest conditions, emphasising quality design and workmanship. In addition, each bucket can be fully customised to the customer's requirements and needs for different jobs, which not only optimises your operational efficiency by reducing weight and fuel consumption, but also ensures compatibility with your equipment for years of smooth and cost-effective operation, backed by a 1-year warranty.

Screening Bucket

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