Concrete Mixing Buckets

Welcome to Modularis Drive, where simplicity meets innovation in concrete mixing. Our concrete mixer buckets with the patented ``Cross Mixing System`` are designed for efficiency and versatility.

Concrete Mixing Bucket - Loader

The Concrete Mixing Bucket serves as an incredibly handy device for mixing concrete using a loader.

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Concrete Mixing Bucket - Excavator

The Concrete Mixing Bucket serves as an incredibly handy device for mixing concrete using an excavator.

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Concrete Mixing Bucket - Agro

The Mixing Bucket - Agro Version: Designed with front & rear three-point tilt connections for superior concrete mixing with tractor.

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“It’s been 20 years since I bought first mixing bucket from Modularis.
The bucket is still operating safely and reliably.”

Vinko Pirc

Superior Quality and Long Lifetime

Unique in the market, Modularis mixing buckets come with a 3-year warranty, underscoring their leading quality and durability. The consistent use of high-quality components, such as heavy-duty MS hydro motors, wear-resistant steel like Hardox/Sidur, and a reliable, long-life seal lubrication system, ensures their top performance and long service life, providing users with confidence in their investment.



“We own around 5 different models and all of them are easy to maintain and master.

– Ožbej



“It’s been over 6 years now and it still works flawlessly like a good swiss watch.”

– Jure



“We have been using the mixing bucket for over 15 years and I would say it is practically indestructible.”

– Jože

Durability and Efficiency

Modularis mixing buckets offer unrivalled reliability and performance. Their “cross-mixing system” significantly improves mixing speed, increases productivity and reduces fuel and labour costs. In particular, when producing 1000 m3 of concrete, you save 200 litres of fuel and 200 hours of labour. Over two decades, this technology has saved our customers 9,000,000 hours of labour and 9,000,000 litres of fuel, demonstrating its significant contribution to efficient construction practices.

Excellent mixing system

  • Cross Mixing System: Mixes sand, cement, and water in 4 directions, reducing mixing time by 30%. Ensures a thorough blend for faster and more efficient concrete production.
  • Fuel and Time Savings: Produces 1000 m3 of concrete with 200 liters less fuel and saves 200 working hours. Efficient and cost-effective solution.
  • Ultra-Fast Production: The mixing process takes just 2–3 minutes, ensuring swift and high-quality results.

Usability of concrete mixing bucket

Use your machine and mix concrete anywhere!

  • Significant faster mixing
  • Forced flow of concrete in four directions during the mixing process
  • No accumulation of concrete in the middle or on the sides during mixing
  • It is not necessery to reverse the rotation direction during mixing process
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