• A-synchro arm movement
  • Safe work
  • Less weight – reduced load center – Higher capacity
  • Enviromentally friendly
  • Completely protected the mechanis and hydraulic system
  • More grip power
Inovative concept

The Best Grip

The only Grapple on the market which have »A – Synchro Grip« as sinhro & asinhro arms movement – the arms shape & arm movement adapt on the load shape and on the functions which user need

Asynchronous movement of the grip arms allows:
  • Handling the asymmetric shaped loads in limited positions
  • Adjustment of the gripping surfaces of the shape of the load
  • Optimal and most reliable grip at the end position of the arms
How it works

Others concept

Higher capacity

Our concept

flexible grip with shape touch

A-Synchro Grip

A – Synchro Control hydraulic system with the best performance. It uses the new innovative principle of operation. Much more gripping power and the most reliable grip.

The BEST GRIP with

A - Synchro hydraulic control system

The only Grapple on the market which has »A – Synchro Grip« synchro & asynchro arm movement – the arms shape & arm movements adapt to the load shape and the functions which the user needs.

Easy and fast

Arms and grip units replacement


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