Universal Grapple ‘Best Grip’ (Standard)

The Universal Grapple "Best Grip" (Standard) is a durable tool designed specifically for construction and demolition. It specializes in lifting, handling, and cleanup operations, boasting a safe and user-friendly interface with a fixed jaw setup. Engineered to endure challenging conditions, this grapple streamlines construction processes effectively. Its innovative A-synchronous gripping system guarantees a secure hold, while its robust, yet lightweight construction improves operational efficiency. With a 3-year warranty included, the Universal Grapple Best Grip Standard stands as a reliable and economical choice for enhancing productivity and fostering sustainability in demanding environments.

Tool functions


Machine Operating Weight:
5-9 t

215 l / 0,28 cy

Max opening:
1533 mm / 60.35 in

Width (A):
650 mm / 25.59 in

550 mm / 21.65 in

Closing force:
29 kN / 6519 lbf

Arms Weight:
150 kg / 331 lbs

Total Grapple weight:*
360 kg / 794 lbs

*Total Grapple Weight and Height values do not include the connection plate.

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