Timber & Log Handling


Multipurpose Grapple 'Alligator'

The Multipurpose Grapple "Alligator" is an ideal tool for stone placement, biomass, timber, and log handling. Suitable for heavy manipulation, disassembly, sorting all kinds of building materials and steel construction.

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Timber Grapple

Designed for superior efficiency in timber and log handling, the Timber Grapple effortlessly grips, lifts, and transports wood, making it indispensable for logging and timber management operations.

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Three Finger Grapple

The Tree Finger Grapple stands as the perfect solution for precise handling of timber and logs, as well as for preparing soil for tree planting, cylindrical load handling, waste sorting and recycling.

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Log & Wood Grapple with Saw Bar Module

The Log & Wood Grapple with Saw Bar Module revolutionizes logging by clamping, sawing, and relocating thick logs efficiently. It combines cutting and handling, ensuring safe and streamlined wood processing.

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Universal Grapple 'Best Grip' (Standard)

The Universal Grapple "Best Grip" Standard is designed for lifting, handling, and sorting materials, ensuring efficiency and safety across various job settings.

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Log Grapple

The Modularis Log Grapple excels in rapidly and efficiently handling logs, significantly enhancing loading operations while minimizing wear on machinery.

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