Steel & Metal Element Handling


Universal Grapple 'Best Grip'

The Universal Grapple "Best Grip" is a multipurpose tool ideal for a wide range of tasks. Whether handling, lifting, or sorting materials, its superior grip ensures maximum efficiency and safety. Perfect for universal applications across various jobs.

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Multipurpose Grapple 'Alligator'

The Multipurpose Grapple "Alligator" is an ideal tool for stone placement, biomass, timber, and log handling. Suitable for heavy manipulation, disassembly, sorting all kinds of building materials and steel construction.

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Universal Profile Grapple

The Universal Profile Grapple stands out as the perfect solution for precise manipulation of profiles. Its design ensures accuracy and efficiency in both placement and transportation tasks, making it indispensable for construction and industrial applications.

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Universal Grapple 'Best Grip' (Standard)

The Universal Grapple "Best Grip" Standard is designed for lifting, handling, and sorting materials, ensuring efficiency and safety across various job settings.

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