Desilting Ponds, Rivers & Seas


Universal Grapple 'Best Grip'

The Universal Grapple "Best Grip" is a multipurpose tool ideal for a wide range of tasks. Whether handling, lifting, or sorting materials, its superior grip ensures maximum efficiency and safety. Perfect for universal applications across various jobs.

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Bulk Material Grapple

The Bulk Material Grapple is ideal for fast and efficient handling of bulk materials such as gravel, soil, coal, grains, waste, and wood chips.

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Universal Grapple 'Best Grip' (Standard)

The Universal Grapple "Best Grip" Standard is designed for lifting, handling, and sorting materials, ensuring efficiency and safety across various job settings.

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HQ GP Bucket

The main function of the HQ GP Bucket tool is the movement and manipulation of various types of materials, such as soil, sand, gravel, stones, and other construction materials.

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V Bucket

The primary task of the V Bucket is efficient trench digging and soil grading, facilitated by its unique V-shaped design

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